Kim Seon Ho returns to social media

LAST October, Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha star Kim Seon Ho became the target of some serious accusations by an ex-girlfriend, who had made claims of his abusive behaviour towards her.

While these were later debunked, Kim decided to withdraw from several TV and film projects, and has been keeping a low profile ever since.

However, on May 7 (which also happens to be his 35th birthday), Kim decided to surprise fans who had sent him birthday wishes on Instgram. He shared a post with the caption: “I am sorry that you had to go through a hard time due to my shortcomings … Thank you for congratulating this year’s birthday as well. I will cherish all your goodwill and become an actor that can return your good wishes.”

Fans were delighted that the actor finally broke his silence after all these months. However, it appears that it will be a while yet before they can see him again onscreen. Kim currently only has one film project this year: the drama Sad Tropics, which tells the story of a Korean-Filipino man who travels to South Korea to locate the father who abandoned him, and who ends up getting involved with an underworld gang.

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