Laura Henshaw reveals how often she washes her bra on the KICPOD podcast

Aussie influencer Laura Henshaw has stunned listeners by revealing she only washes her bra once a month.

The KICPOD host left her co-host Steph Claire Smith in stitches as she defended her frugal bra washing habit, leaving internet opinions strongly divided over the matter.

“How often am I meant to be washing my bra, because I genuinely don’t,’ Henshaw confessed on a recent podcast episode titled ‘To wash or not to wash’.

“I feel like we all have a grotty thing, because mine is my bra right,” she continued as Smith listened on in horror.

After Smith jumped in to ask her just how often she washed them, Henshaw admitted it was “probably once a month I reckon”.

Henshaw went on and justified her choice, pinning the monthly-wash down to how bras were harder to clean and had longer “life spans”.

“I have one revolving bra,” she confessed, “I just don’t think about washing my bra and I want to know do you guys wash your bra”.

The heath and wellness influencer was suprised to hear Smith reveal she washed her bras “once every two, to three wears,” causing a battle in the comments over which option was more popular.

“That’s vile,” one person commented under the podcast’s TikTok post.

Another stunned viewer called out people who agreed with Henshaw and asked “how is no one struggling with BO?! I have never understood the not washing a bra thing?!”

However other comments firmly staked their support behind the monthly bra wash, with one person even writing “Laura you are not wrong, once a month is very generous”.

“I always agree with Laura, #teamgrub,” a second view commented.

“I’m on Laura’s train!!,’ wrote another.

The KICPOD episode further delved into the gross habits people indulge in, delivering on the podcast’s promise to bring listeners “your D & M on the stuff that matters … and also the stuff that doesn’t”.

Originally published as Influencer Laura Henshaw divides listeners with shock confession

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