LIVE NUDES ONE NIGHT ONLY, It’s Mark Meadows! A January 6 Congress Liveblog

Don’t worry, we are just teasing! Mark Meadows will not be a live nude during today’s hearing of the House January 6 Select Committee. But he will be SEXPOSED!

Here is what we mean by that, if you haven’t run away already because you’re worried that PBS NewsHour video just below is just a documentary about Mark Meadows’s junk.

These are serious times in America and this is a serious website.

1:02: Judy Woodruff notes on PBS that this Committee makes a habit of starting on time. We agree, except for how they keep changing the hearing times. But we also have this suspicion that they’ve done that a couple times because they didn’t want the Supreme Court to fuck them by banning abortion the morning of one of their big hearings.

Anyway, chair Bennie Thompson is introducing the day’s activities. Says today they will show that Trump sending his mob to scream “hang Mike Pence” — and God knows what else if the mob had found him — wasn’t some isolated incident, but rather an integral part of a much larger plan. And we’re going to talk about the fake electors, specifically Trump’s scheme to get Republican officials to overturn the election in swing states, and to get slates of fake electors to throw states’ results into chaos.

1:09: Liz Cheney names as the chief instigators of the criminal plot to overturn the election Trump himself, Rudy Giuliani and John Eastman. We’d note than when people talk about how Merrick Garland needs to have the courage to actually try to defend democracy and put some motherfuckers in jail, those would be three who probably need to go there.

Cheney is now playing a clip of Bill Barr saying rumors and conspiracy theories of fraud in Fulton County, Georgia, were total bullshit. Then footage of former acting deputy attorney general Richard Donoghue testifying that he told Trump there was no there there.

1:13: Cheney plays clip of Gabriel Sterling, Georgia SecState Brad Raffensperger’s second-in-command, just absolutely losing his shit in December 2020 telling Trump and the then-Republican senators from Georgia to put a stop to the madness. We wrote about that here.

Both men will testify today.

1:16: Schiff explaining in simple terms how the fake electors scheme was supposed to work, to give Mike Pence a chance to just single-handedly overturn the election by picking the fake electors. Schiff says we’re going to talk today about exactly which laws these foul souls broke.

Merrick Garland, you’re free to copy off the Committee’s paper, as usual!

1:21: Schiff introduces video the Committee put together of the coordinated intimidation campaign Trump and his garbage colleagues launched against state and local elections officials, trying to bully them into overturning the election for Trump.

1:24: Wow, they have clips of Trump campaign lackey idiots reading scripts and telling state officials they have the right to stab democracy in the dick because Donald Trump’s ego was bruised. Just amazing how all these people have permanently destroyed their reputations for the sake of such a loser.

1:27: Video includes clip of Nick Fuentes just lightly suggesting that state legislators should be killed. Identifies him simply as a “conservative activist.” Good. And accurate.

1:29: First panel being introduced. It includes Rusty Bowers, GOP speaker of the Arizona state House who wouldn’t overturn the election for Trump, plus Raffensperger and Sterling.

1:31: BENNIE THOMPSON: Rusty Bowers, did you want Trump to win?


THOMPSON: Did he win?

BOWERS: No, big loser.

1:32: Schiff reading statement from Trump today to Rusty Bowers, claiming that Bowers told Trump the election was rigged and that he won. “I did have a conversation with the president. That certainly isn’t it!” Bowers says if anybody ever says he said the election was rigged, “that would not be true.”

So Bowers is just confirming Trump is a liar.

1:35: Bowers recounting a conversation he and his wife had with Trump and Giuliani, where they made these wildass claims of fraud, like 200,000 illegal immigrants voting, and thousands of dead voters. Bowers asked for names. Giuliani said he had them. Trump apparently told Giuliani to give him the names. Bowers never got those names.


1:37: Bowers explaining how Giuliani asked him hold Committee hearings based on this fake evidence nobody would be able to give to him. He said fuck off. Bowers said they told him they could just remove Joe Biden’s electors, and they should have a hearing on that. Bowers told them WOW, so that’s against the Constitution and my oath of office, Jesus Christ, holy shit.

1:39: Bowers confirms that Rudy Giuliani leaned on him to do all these things partly because “we’re all Republicans.” Party above country, in other words.

1:40: Bowers just saying over and over again how often these awful people asked him to violate his oath of office, and just how beyond the pale that was for him.

1:42: Schiff just confirming that Rudy Giuliani doing an Amway presentation in a hotel ballroom at the Ramada off the highway in Glendale is not in fact an official hearing of the Arizona state House of Representatives.

1:45: LOLOL Bowers says at one point Giuliani did indeed say they had a lot of theories, but not a lot of evidence! Says he doesn’t know whether that was a gaffe or a Freudian slip or what.

1:46: “No one provided me EVER” any significant evidence of fraud, says Rusty Bowers.

Bowers confirms that some of the same people who attacked the Capitol also have illegally entered the Arizona legislature and called his name, like they were looking for him, the way they did Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi and others.

1:49: Bowers says he just told John Eastman and Giuliani over and over and over again that he wouldn’t violate his oath of office. Specifically he said that. Imagine how many times he and others told these anti-American trash people that they weren’t going to violate their oaths, and they just kept pushing. Breathtaking.

And he specifically told Trump he wouldn’t do anything illegal for him. In those words.

1:52: SCHIFF: Also did Arizona GOP Rep. Andy Biggs call you on the morning of January 6?

BOWERS: Yeah he tried it too.

1:55: Now Rusty Bowers is singing a love ballad to Ronald Reagan, it is very romantic and old school Republicans are turned on, saying things to each other like “Is that The Bulwark in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?”

Anyway, time to talk about the fake electors scheme.

1:58: Which people were coordinating the effort to make fake slates of electors? Rudy Giuliani. John Eastman. Some members of Congress according to Mark Meadows aide Cassidy Hutchinson. Ronna McDaniel (THE RNC CHAIR) says the RNC just helped, no big. You know, just in case some of these lawsuits worked and they needed new electors! Nothing illegal!

2:01: Did these assholes know the White House counsel’s office was pretty sure having fake electors meet to cast fake electoral votes was illegal? Oh yeah says Hutchinson. Who knew? Meadows, Giuliani, Eastman, all of ’em.

2:02: Wow, it sure sounds like what this testimony is showing is that lower-level people were kind of tricked into working on the fake electors thing, under the guise of the idea that it was ALL a just in case thing. Because these lawsuits were real and not clown lawsuits, and they might win some! Gotta catch ’em all some new electors!


2:05: Eastman email shows him saying that the fact they had multiple slates of electors — including fake ones! — should be enough to give Mike Pence the chance to have the courage to, you know, stab American democracy in its heart in service of a loser who couldn’t even win the popular vote in the election he allegedly “won.”

2:07: SCHIFF: Speaker Bowers, when you found out about the fake electors, what did you think?

BOWERS: I thought about a book called The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight and by that I mean what a fucking set of wannabe mafia clown idiots.

2:09: Bowers says he’s gotten over 20,000 emails and tens of thousands of voicemails trying to intimidate him and his family. Also says Saturdays are bad at his house, with MAGA trash coming by to scream on loudspeakers that he’s a pedophile. Apparently somebody with a gun threatened one of his neighbors. And so forth.

And we take a quick recess now!

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