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Let’s check in on the U.K., shall we?

It’s Remembrance Day in the U.K., the equivalent of Memorial Day in the U.S. That just so happens to be the same day that Hamas supporters organized their “Million Man March” through London. Sky News informs us that the march was “mostly peaceful.”

Here’s a couple who were accosted at Victoria Station by Hamas sympathizers.

Here are some “pro-Palestinian” marchers playing with fireworks in the street to show their support for Hamas:


What a somber Remembrance Day.

Here’s a horde of Metropolitan Police arresting an old man:

London Mayor Sadiq Khan issued a statement on Remembrance Day, lamenting that far-right thugs ruined the mostly peaceful pro-Palestinian protests, using the protest to spread hate and racism.

So, like some in the U.S. have reported, Nazis have joined up with the pro-Hamas protesters who are celebrating the slaughter of Jews, making them look bad.

Yes, because London has become the most diverse city in the world thanks to unchecked immigration, and questioning the wisdom of it makes you a racist. Why should all of these Muslim transplants make any effort to assimilate into English culture when they’re enhancing it with their own?

But we can all agree that it was “mostly peaceful.”

A day to remember what British soldiers fought and died for. This, apparently.


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