LOOK: Dimples Romana overjoyed to see daughter flying a plane

Actress Dimples Romana is feeling all her efforts to have paid off as she sees her daughter Callie on her way to achieving her dreams of becoming a pilot.

Romana expressed this after seeing photos of Callie flying a plane, after Romana came home during the previous night when she shot heavy scenes with Jake Cuenca and director Joel Lamangan.

“Kaya pag pagod ka at ganito makikita mo sa umaga, Aba namaaaan! Sisipagin ka talaga magtrabaho eh,” she said via her Instagram page today, Aug. 4. (When you’re tired and you see this in the morning, my gosh, you will really be inspired to work.)

Romana took note of how beautiful her daughter is in the photos, also of how Callie is only just 18 years old while accomplishing her pilot dreams.

The actress also shared that when Callie was 10 years old, she asked Romana why she and her husband Boyet were still working hard despite the fact that they already have saved enough money.

“I told her, time will come and you’ll realize that no matter how prepared you think you are for the future, we must still strive to work hard to make sure that all our kids will be provided for – not just with what they need but also with what they’ll CHOOSE to be when they get to college,” Romana said. “[Boyet, that] our kids won’t ever be pressured to ever put their other siblings to school, that’s on us as parents.”

“All the many days and nights I had to be apart from them meant [my eldest daughter] gets to freely choose what she wants to be, and the many times I miss her from not being there because of shoots and tapings meant, [she] will get to do what she loves and that is -FLYING and BECOMING A PILOT,” she added. “[And] thanks to [Boyet] and our home angels for making sure the kids ARE alright.”

Romana’s daughter is enrolled in an aviation school in Australia. JB


Dimples Romana proud mom as daughter flies plane for the first time

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