Louis DeJoy can be fired as Biden now has a majority in the postal service

The Senate has finally confirmed President Biden’s last two candidates to the Postal Service Board, which means the president has a majority that can fire postmaster Louis DeJoy.

The Federal News Network reports:

The Senate, in an oral vote Thursday, confirmed President Joe Biden’s last two members on the USPS Board of Governors.

Dan Tangherlini, the former head of the General Services Administration, will remain in office for a term that runs until December 2027. Derek Kan, former deputy director of the Office of Management and Budget, will remain in office until December 2028.

Once Tangherlini and Kan are sworn in, the majority of the USPS Board of Governors will be appointed by Biden.

The two candidates the Senate replaces two Trump candidates, which means there is a majority on the board that can fire postmaster Louis DeJoy.

Republicans in Senate slow confirmation of Biden candidates

The last two candidates for the Postal Service Board were confirmed 100-0, but the Republican bottleneck in the Senate slows confirmations even for candidates where there are no objections.

Once the last Biden appointees are sworn in, Louis DeJoy’s time as postmaster general may be drawing to a close.