Lyger Coffee partners with Galleria Duemila for digital exhibit

Lyger Coffee, the UK-based crystallized coffee brand, and Galleria Duemila, one of the well-known contemporary galleries in the Philippines, successfully presented “Somehow I can’t stop eating,” a solo exhibition featuring visual artist Celline Mercado.

With works that range in tone from playful to sombre, her creations express despair and hope through food imagery, offering herself up on display like any other food to be picked apart and consumed.

Mercado, Filipino-born, explores memory, identity, and mental illness themes. Her art practice spans a variety of media, from graphite and digital drawings to craft-based sculptural pieces, and has been part of various publications and exhibitions inside and outside the Philippines.

Mercado uses food items for her exhibition as ‘devices’ that narrate memory, specifically, how these ‘devices’ create or maintain a sense of identity by representing or recalling relevant moments in our lives. She executes this thesis through digital illustrations in lightbox prints resonating with illuminated menus one might see at a fast-food counter or a drive-thru.

“With similar visions of art as one of the highest forms of self-expression and attaining wellbeing, Lyger Coffee is passionate about doing things differently. We represent distinctive, uncompromising experiences that everyone can identify with. In this scenario, simple steps to promote mental health care are crucial for us. They mostly take the form of the morning and midday coffee breaks – a unique comforting habit our customers typically express,” said KL Carpio, brand manager of Lyger Coffee.

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He added, “Anyone may choose to drink our coffee hot or cold. You can even add a twist on a classic Latte or Americano, drink it in your home after a tiring virtual meeting or bring the mini-cups for easy coffee making when you’re soul searching. No matter what, you can always express your ease with us.”

Lyger Coffee has set its sights on influencing new markets like the Philippines. Now tapping the creative community in the country, the brand has already found a strong niche of sustainability advocates like the group of Galleria Duemila.

Lyger Coffee is an upstart company positioning itself as one of Southeast Asia’s top mindful businesses aiming to bring unique high-end products to the community.

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