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Allowing boys to play in girls’ sports is a scourge in America. It not only erases young girls, it destroys their athletic hopes and dreams and puts them in serious physical danger. Examples of young women being seriously injured by their male counterparts increase nearly every week. It is undeniable that teenage boys in general possess natural physiological advantages over teenage girls, and we have seen the results of that over and over. 

But if that was not enough, the insanity has now reached the inevitable next level: humiliation.

It is not enough anymore for boys to beat the girls, they have to taunt them as well. Vulgarly. 

The Independent Council on Women’s Sports (ICONS) is a network of current and former female athletes who advocate for protecting women’s athletics and fair competition. They reported this incident on Nov. 18, though the date that the actual game took place is unclear. 

And the player in question, Derek Cannuscio, is not even ‘trans.’ He identifies as male (or at least as a ‘he’), and that is reflected on his Instagram channel as well. But Massachusetts law allows boys to play in girls’ sports regardless of gender identity if there is not an equivalent male sport at the school.


Watch the video. The boy towers above not only his teammates and opponents but also the lower net that is used in girls’ volleyball. That’s a nice advantage to have.

There is no other way to categorize this: it is a humiliation ritual. One worthy of the Soviet Union or Chinese Cultural Revolution. And while the temptation is to place all the blame on Connuscio (and he certainly deserves plenty), the real fault lies with Massachusetts legislatures and other adults who allow this to even happen. 

Absolutely. The entire Massachusetts state legislature and governor should be ashamed. 

Remember when they kept telling us that boys in girls’ sports never happened? That was fun. We have now reached, ‘It’s not happening and it’s good that it is.’

Wow. Imagine paying that much for your child’s high school and having this take place. It’s time for parents to take some action. 

Until people make it stop, it will never stop. It will only get worse. 


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