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There was drama up on Capitol Hill today, but this time not of the usual political kind: police were called to the area of the US Capitol because a man had been spotted carrying an AR-15. From Rawsalerts:

U.S. Capitol Police responded to an emergency call concerning a man with an AR-15 outside the US Capitol in Washington, D.C. The individual carrying the AR-15 was tased by US Capitol Police in a park near the Senate office building after disregarding commands to drop the weapon. Concurrently, law enforcement is investigating a suspicious package in the Upper Senate Park, where the suspect was reportedly sighted. Staff and other personnel are advised to steer clear of this area.

Fox News has a photo of the man as he was being taken into custody by DC Police:


Not outside the realm of posibility, certainly.

No argument there.

Almost inevitably.

We’ll keep an eye on this as the story develops, presumably since the man was taken into custody police will be releasing a statement on what exactly he was going wandering around with a gun, and hopefully we’ll get some clarification on what was going on with the ‘suspicious package’ in the Upper Senate Park as well. Stay tuned.


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