Marvell Technology and Bausch Health are buying

Health Bausch: “We wanted to buy more today, but time is up. This thing has been up for sale. There are shorts that carry it all the way through. It’s pretty ridiculous. I wanted to be able to buy a huge amount today, so that’s how i feel for [Charitable Trust]. “

Accentura: “They crushed that stock. The business is great. They had a great quarter. I’m telling people [buy, buy, buy]. “

The celerity: “This is one of the highest risk stocks out there. The way I look at it is, be prepared to lose everything but otherwise make a lot of money if it works.”

Manulife: “They take too many risks, Manulife. I’m not there for 5% [dividend yield]. I don’t need it. Too much risk in common stock “.

Marvel technology: “Should [keep buying more of it]. This company has two businesses: High Performance Computing and 5G. We know those are the two strongest areas. It has no PC activity. It has no games. Marvell is a stock that we bought, bought, bought for the Charitable Trust and I think you should too. “

Iron Mountain: “I like Iron Mountain. Good performance, very consistent business. [Buy, buy, buy]. “

Disclosure: Cramer’s Charitable Trust owns shares in BHC and MRVL.

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