Mary Katharine Ham & Others Nuke Dem Rep. Ro Khanna’s Student Loan ‘Forgiveness’ Sob Story – Twitchy

The 2024 elections are one year away, and Biden and the Democrats continue their attempts to buy votes. 

Rep. Ro Khanna served up the latest reason, and try not to roll your eyes too hard or sprain a finger playing the tiny violin: 


Mary Katharine Ham leads off the much-deserved dragging over that take: 

So Rep. Khanna thinks “because they’re imbeciles” will make more Americans support paying off their loans for them?

At least Khanna basically came out and admitted this is just a Biden and the Dems’ attempt to buy the votes of imbeciles using somebody else’s money.


Hey, the “logic” is sound (cue massive eye roll).

If Rep. Khanna wants to “cancel” a debt he should start by working on the national debt (as if). 


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