Massive Steamy Crack in Iceland Solicits Sophomoric Humor from X – Twitchy

We know the end of the world is scheduled for sometime soon. There are wars, rumors of wars, earthquakes, volcanoes, dogs and cats sleeping together, and mass hysteria. With that being said, some of these symptoms are prompting inappropriate jokes and general merriment. (Hey, if the world’s ending, why NOT make it fun?)

It all started with giant cracks opening in Iceland as a precursor to a possible volcanic eruption.

The responses were … interesting. They went from the helpful,

to the obscure.

(This writer caught the reference.)

Most of them could be filed in one category, sophomoric. This is X, so you have to expect it, especially when the headline makes it so easy.


Be careful googling this phenomenon.

Of course, after a few hours in the sauna, anyone’s crack would be a bit steamy, right?

Movie references came in droves as well.

There is, of course, the obvious movie.

We had to have a bit of fun today. We certainly are praying for the people of Iceland and hope that everything works out alright for them.

Seeing the power of geologic forces at work is awe-inspiring and somewhat scary if we’re being completely honest.


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