Matthew Valerio: Man puts parking ranger in coma after Enmore ticket

A young driver and his friend hurled abuse at a parking ranger just moments before the 61-year-old was mowed down over a parking ticket, leaving him in a coma for weeks.

Matthew Valerio will be sentenced in February next year for recklessly causing grievous bodily harm and failing to stop and assist after vehicle impact causing grievous bodily harm.

Just minutes after he was issued a hefty fine for parking illegally on a residential street, the 22-year-old driver ploughed into a 61-year-old ranger and a parked car before driving off.

The agreed facts state Valerio and his friend approached the vehicle and began yelling, “That’s my car, that’s my car” at the ranger, who told them it was too late to contest the ticket.

“F***ing ranger,” Valerio or his friend swore repeatedly.

They got back into the white ute and one of the men yelled “f**k you” at the council worker as they drove away.

Valerio was captured on CCTV parking his white Mazda ute in a no-stopping zone on Marian St in Enmore, in Sydney’s inner west, just before 8pm on November 26.

He can be seen getting out of the car with his passenger and sauntering off down the road.

About 40 minutes later, a parking ranger noticed the unattended ute was parked in the no-stopping zone and issued a ticket.

According to the agreed facts, Valerio drove off down Marian St before performing a three-point turn and driving back towards the parking ranger and his colleague.

The rangers were wearing high visibility vests and carrying lit torches as they walked down the narrow street checking parked cars.

The court documents state the 22-year-old driver paused for a few seconds on the street before recklessly driving down the road.

Only 90 seconds after his altercation with the parking ranger, Valerio ploughed into another parking ranger and a stationary Toyota.

He then left the 61-year-old man lying underneath a parked car with life-threatening injuries as he drove away.

CCTV captured Valerio pausing for less than two seconds when he was 30m away from the collision, but he didn’t get out of the car or call emergency services.

The parking ranger was in a coma in the intensive care unit for two weeks after the horrific crash. When he woke, he had no recollection of the incident.

The victim sustained traumatic brain and spinal injuries, a 10.5cm laceration on his liver and fractures to his pelvis, ribs, and arms.

He required multiple surgeries and had to stay in hospital for nearly four months as he recovered.

Police said Valerio knew the collision would have seriously hurt the parking ranger, who was thrown underneath a parked car, but Valerio still did not stop to help.

Valerio then crashed into a parked Audi as he sped away from the scene of the crash.

Bystanders who had witnessed the crashes called police, who conducted checks on the white ute.

They discovered it was registered to a funeral business owned by Valerio’s father, and the young driver turned himself in to police an hour later.

A court was previously told that Valerio had no prior criminal record or history of violence.

His bid for bail was refused earlier this month, so he will spend the holidays behind bars on remand until he learns his fate in February next year.

When sentencing the 22-year-old, the judge will be asked to take into consideration related charges of destruction of property and failing to give his details to the victim.

Acting Judge Graeme Henson told the NSW District Court that he would expect Valerio to receive a sentence of at least four years for the “egregious course of conduct”.

Originally published as ‘F**king ranger, f**k you’: Violent tirade moments before parking ranger mowed down revealed

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