meesho: Smear campaigns against Meesho may violate guidelines, says Advertising Council

Bombay: If the accusations against social media influencer for conducting smear campaigns against social commerce business mesho turned out to be true, so they violate its guidelines, the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) he said. Meesho had sent legal notices to some social media influencer and some people in contact with them for alleged smear campaigns against the company.

“In this case (by Meesho), if the allegations prove to be true, then these influencers are seriously misleading the public and violating the ASCI guidelines on misleading ads. They could also be prosecuted under the Consumer Protection Act, “said Manisha Kapoor, CEO and Secretary General of the ASCI.

The company said on June 2
a Twitter user “exposed a concerted campaign against Meesho” in which several influencers posted a series of tweets tagging the company’s investors.

Meesho said their purpose was to malign his reputation by spreading lies.

“Following the complaint, some influencers acknowledged that the tweets were paid promotions while others deleted their posts,” Meesho said.

Kapoor said the ASCI guidelines on advertising influencers in digital media require them to disclose any material connections “including, but not limited to, perks and incentives, monetary or otherwise”. “The ASCI also requires that the placement of the disclosure be clearly visible and should not be buried under other content. The positioning should be such that it is hard for the average consumer to lose, “Kapoor said.

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In the case of Instagram or YouTube, the influencer could use the information tools provided on the platform. It is also the responsibility of both the advertiser and the influencer to ensure that the content posted by the influencer follows the ASCI codes and related guidelines, he added. Meesho said this was not the first time he had been targeted by “those with vested interests trying to slander the company.”

Several Twitter users came forward to say that they were asked to post negative tweets about Meesho earlier this year in exchange for money.

Meesho said he will continue to monitor the situation and consider taking legal action against “those who spread misinformation and lies about the company.”

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