Mod and Noble Design Studio celebrates milestone

Filled with youth, fresh ideas, and contemporary Philippine interior design, the team at Mod and Noble inspires and provides solutions that are fit for a practical and aesthetic use of the space.

Mod and Noble began as an online furniture brand, specializing in period-style chairs and creating classic pieces with a modern twist.

As the business continued to grow in the furniture industry, Mod and Noble’s clients began seeking their interior design consultancy services.

Mod and Noble co-founders Jullienne Iris Taguinod, Jamelle Hyacinth Taguinod and Roy Patrick Javier

For the team, this moment was considered the birth of Mod and Noble as an interior design firm.

As licensed interior designers with 20 years of collective experience, Jullienne Iris Taguinod and Roy Patrick Javier, together with Jamelle Hyacinth Taguinod, the founders of Mod and Noble, realized that it was high time to transition into a full-service interior design firm.

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The team then expanded their services, which now includes creating and designing spaces for their clients. They also consider their company as a teaching firm, their way of giving back and sharing their knowledge with the next generation of designers and innovators.

The founders also envision their design studio as an extension of a design school, where emerging designers have voices and can actively participate in the decision-making processes for implementing various designs/plans. They have also expanded their clientele, resulting in a stronger design portfolio.

The design studio is filled with fresh and contemporary ideas that cater to the different taste of their clients. INSTAGRAM PHOTO

The design studio is filled with fresh and contemporary ideas that cater to the different taste of their clients. INSTAGRAM PHOTO

Mod and Noble take pride in their diverse and passionate team. While the team started as interior designers, they also welcomed architects into their fold. This expansion has injected fresh architectural perspectives and innovative solutions into their projects.

Mod and Noble is currently in the process of planning the expansion of their office to better accommodate clients for meetings and welcome visitors for product presentations and provide additional workstations for their own designers. Additionally, they are actively scouting for a separate office space where they can host VIP meetings while showcasing some of Mod and Noble’s exquisite collections, including artworks, aromatherapy scents, and other home decor items.

Looking back, both Taguinod and Javier have faced their fair share of challenges before the inception of Mod and Noble. These experiences have not only toughened them for the industry but also instilled the courage to meet and exceed client expectations.

Mod and Noble, founded from the ground up without formal business degrees, stands as a testament to their perseverance and ability to forge valuable relationships and connections. Through sheer determination and the right partnerships, they have built an organization that not only thrives but also creates opportunities for others.

Kim Rodiz

Kim Rodiz is a national journalist who wrote a lot of reports since 2014.

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