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It’s TIME!!! We’ve been collecting hilarious memes, jokes, and clips all week to help us all kick Monday off with a laugh.

Are you ready?

We’re ready! Let’s go!

Accurate and timely! Ha!

Okay, that’s good. We remember that speech … ‘like a dog!’. LOL.

HAHA! That’s exactly how it works.

Yeah, that attempt at shaming ain’t gonna fly on TwitterX, lady. We love our dogs.

LOL! We’ve got a lot of ‘good morning’ tweets from y’all this week.

Thanks for making us laugh to start the day!

Painfully accurate. 😂

HA! This is what you get for poor planning, buddy.

Bwahaha! 💀


We weren’t ready for that one!


EXACTLY! Where is the full video?! LOL.

Susanna Gibson may have lost her election, but she’ll always live on in … some dude’s browser history.


HAHA! Look, you can either get depressed by modern culture, or you can belly laugh as the ship goes down.

We choose laughter.

True story. 😂

Dad … is that you?

That is the Gen Xiest of the Gen X jokes right there. Ha!

That’s friggin’ hilarious right there!

Nice. Save that one for your next job interview.


You KNOW roughly 93% of all dads who passed that sign made that joke.


That’s good.

It’s not wrong … we assume. Not that we frequent the lesbian dating apps often … Shut up.


DANG! Our grandkids felt that one.

Yikes! 🤣

Gollum dies of coronary artery disease in that version.

Now it all makes sense! LOL.

We stole … er … highlighted a lot of memes from Declaration of Memes this week.

Special shout out for bringing the funny big time this week!

LibertyCappy put out a call for memes and we scooped them up faster than Nikes at a BLM riot.


But what if we do want it?

Y’all some sick people, you know that, right?

Guilty as charged!


This is 100% true.

Hey now, it’s what we do. Besides, our wives will know their names, where they live, who they’re related to, their relationship history, and all their social media accounts by the time the party’s over anyway. If we want to know their name, we’ll just ask her.

Hey … … … YYYYYYOU!

That’s a bingo! We’ve got a bingo!

LOL. Perfect.

That is just wrong! We loved it.

HAHA! That’s so true it hurts a bit.



That is DARK!

LOL! Exactly!

Well done, sir. Well done.

You’ve probably noticed, but ‘G’, stevensongs, has a strong meme game.

Yes, it do! LOL.


That’s it, folks! Now go out there and show Monday who’s boss!


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