More Victorian Liberals drama as MP faces probe over gossip blog

In yet another packed week from the bunker: Victorian Libs are the gift that keeps on giving, and ‘Operation Lockatoo’ — man vs bird.

Western Australia Premier Roger Cook (Image: AAP/Aaron Bunch)

The court of McArthur Anyone whose writing relies on a healthily absurd political scene can only be struck dumb by gratitude for the Victorian Liberals, the political party equivalent of a suicidal clown. According to Federal Court affidavits The Australian got its hands on, Liberal upper house MP Bev Mc­Arthur is suspected of being involved with Real Freedom News, the late gossip site — “salacious” according to the Oz, “scurrilous” per The Age, “grotty” according to the Herald Sun — that has published serious allegations, including accusations of criminality and sexual misconduct, about various state and federal Liberals. McArthur, through her lawyers, strenuously denied any involvement.

The allegation comes as part of a long-running campaign from senior Liberals, led by former state and federal Liberal candidate Sean Armistead, to identify who is behind the blog, which spread damaging gossip from January 2021 to its deactivation in October 2022.

Read more tips, including the one where people are taking on cockatoos…

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