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A couple of weeks ago, Honest Reporting came out with a bombshell report on freelance photojournalists who were embedded with Hamas … on the morning of October 7. They freelance for the AP, CNN, the New York Times, and Reuters. Did they have advance knowledge of the slaughter that was to come? One photojournalist took video of himself riding on the back of a motorcycle of a Hamas terrorist and holding a grenade. A Washington Post columnist said not to read too much into it … if you’re a journalist and a Hamas terrorist hands you a grenade, are you going to anger him by not taking it?

Was the report true? CNN announced it was cutting ties with its embedded photojournalist, and the New York Times released a statement about the “vague allegations.”

Here’s another freelancer covering the war between Israel and Hamas from Gaza, reportedly for MSNBC.

Let’s have a look at that thread.

“Do you trust Wajjeh to point the camera in places that Hamas would find inconvenient? Do you not think that your viewers deserve to know who you are employing?”

Any photos of the leader of Hamas kissing him on the cheek?


He traded in the keffiyeh for a press vest at least. “Transferring the image from everywhere to deliver the news to the world via NBC News.”

Oh, he’d be another one of those journalists killed by the IDF.


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