New NRL 2022: Magic Round ruined by a bad fight at Suncorp Stadium

The highly anticipated NRL Magic Round was marked by a nasty fight that broke out on Friday in the stands of Suncorp Stadium.

The opening night of the highly anticipated NRL Magic Round was marked by a nasty brawl in the stands of Suncorp Stadium.

On Friday night, footage of a physical altercation surfaced at the northern end of the western grandstand, with about half a dozen men throwing punches and falling into chairs.

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The brawl lasted about a minute before security and police intervened.

The video quickly circulated on social media, with rugby league fans expressing their disgust at the crowd’s behavior and lack of safety interventions.

This was confirmed by a spokesman for the Queensland police that three people involved in the altercation were evicted by the police and delivered notices of violation of the sanction for disorderly conduct in an authorized venue, but there are no reports of active assault.

Three other men received directions while one person received first aid care at the headquarters, Queensland police confirmed.

Speaking with the Courier post Speaking of the incident, NRL CEO Andrew Abdo criticized Queensland rugby league fans and threatened to impose bans.

“There is absolutely no room for violence in our games,” he said.

“Apart from the action that the authorities may take, we will also ban any fans who commit acts of violence in the stands. It will not be tolerated.

“Magic Round is a celebration of our game, our fans and our families. Almost 150,000 fans will attend this weekend and we will speak with the stadium, which oversees safety, to ensure that the right measures are in place ”.

The accident comes later a savage brawl broke out in the same place Anzac Day after a fan appeared screaming during a moment of silence to remember the fallen.

In the footage, a man wearing a Bulldogs T-shirt is seen repeatedly punching another man in the face and trying to take off his Broncos shirt until he falls backwards into the row of seats behind him.

The video, which went viral on Facebook last month, shows other attendees yelling at the man and telling him to leave.

on Fridays, the Newcastle Knights secured a 16-6 win over the struggling Bulldogs to end a frustrating six-game losing streak, as the Brisbane Broncos obliterated Manly 38-0 in a one-sided deal.

Originally published as “Shameful”: Magic Round ruined by a bad fight at Suncorp Stadium