Newsweek Features Prominent and Fairly OBVIOUS Parody Account in Dylan Mulvaney Puff Piece and BAHAHA – Twitchy

We are the first to admit that with the new ‘verification’ system on Twitter, it’s easy to get taken by a parody. Especially when the parody in question is pretty damn good.

Like Ann Lesby, Ph.D.

What does it say about the Left when parodies are so damn believable? In fact, they’re believable enough for a news outlet to include them in writing about Dylan Mulvaney.


HA ha.

Ann was quite happy about it:

Oh man, we so needed a laugh after all of the hate-filled garbage we wrote about earlier today and this did the trick.


And of course, another outlet calling a man ‘woman of the year’.

2023 just keeps on getting dumber.

Don’t it though?

Considering the brain trusts who work at these outlets? Nothing shocks or stuns us anymore when it comes to the T R A N S issue.


Good question.

Keep in mind though, they thought a parody account was a good source of support for the entire post so … yeah.



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