NFT Fighting Games : mechafightclub

Irreverent Labs announced ‘MechaFightClub’ following a $40 million USD round of funding. The game will be based around the blockchain and the concept of NFTs, and it will essentially be a fantasy, sci-fi version of chicken fighting. Players in the game will possess NFTs that are tied to individual mecha chickens, characters that look like chickens wearing futuristic battle suits, and will fight other players with these chickens in order to earn more NFTs and currencies.

Irreverent Labs stated that MechaFightClub will be centered around a play-to-earn model that incentivises players to participate in the game in order to bolster their own NFT collections. While chicken fighting as a sport in real life is highly controversial, and even illegal in many countries, Irreverent Labs stated that MechaFightClub will not depict realistic chickens or realistic combat. Instead, the game will be dramatic, cartoonish, over-the-top, and fun to watch and enjoy.

Image Credit: Irreverent Labs