Nina Turner finds it “repulsive” that “instead of taking care of our nation’s children,” conservatives want to make it harder to kill our nation’s children.

Mothers and pregnant people in America are facing a major crisis right now. We are not talking about the abortion debate, although this is certainly a crisis.

We are talking about the shortage of infant formula. It’s a huge problem and it only seems to get worse.

It really is a national emergency. That’s why we can offer props to former Ohio state senator (and unsuccessful congressional candidate) Nina Turner for helping to put the spotlight on it.

Unfortunately, by doing so, Nina ultimately only managed to put the spotlight on her deranged perspective:

Instead of caring for our nation’s children, conservatives are concerned with making it harder to … kill children.

Well, this is certainly a take.

What a strange train of thoughts Nina is riding.

And many of the same conservatives who are pro-life are also extremely concerned about the shortage of infant formula. It seems quite intellectually consistent. We can’t say that about anything Nina Turner says.

Nina Turner’s fantasy land looks a lot like Upside-Down.



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