NSW EPA reveals size of flood clean-up

The NSW environmental protection authority reveals just how big the flood clean up has been after water washed away homes and possessions.

The NSW Environmental Protection Authority has revealed the massive size of the operation across NSW to clear out flood debris from the state’s waterways.

More than 2,000 cubic metres of debris has been cleared from the Hawkesbury River and Central Coast beaches alone in the last month.

“Clean up crews from have been working … to ensure that waterways are clean and ready for the Easter break,” the NSW EPA said.

The Northern Rivers Marine Services has taken charge of the clean up at the Richmond, Wilson and Tweed Rivers after devastating flooding in the Northern Rivers.

NRMS has already removed an additional 400 cubic metres of debris from the waters and shores of the Northern Rivers and on beaches at Ballina.

Works on the rivers were hampered by a second bout of floods that tore through northern NSW towns just a month later.

Contractors involved in the clean up were forced to stop work, but are ready to recommence when it is safe to do so.

Some northern NSW residents suffered huge losses as some watched their homes wash away, while others lost possessions.

The NSW government’s Back Home grants are offering up to $20,000 in cash grants to uninsured households and renters to make their homes liveable again.

Small businesses are eligible for $50,000 federal government grants and can receive the first $15,000 without showing proof of having spent the cash.

Flooding continued to devastate Sydney’s northwest suburbs last week with the North Richmond Bridge completely submerged in floodwaters and the Windsor Bridge closed on Friday evening.

Thousands of residents were on standby to be evacuated if conditions worsened, but blue skies prevailed into Sunday.

Parts of Sackville North, Ebenezer, Pitt Town Bottoms and Leets Vale South were evacuated on Friday.

Minor to moderate flooding along the Nepean and Hawkesbury occurred as Warragamba Dam continued overflowing.

The Nepean River at Menangle Bridge outdid its March peak at 16.83m on Thursday afternoon, higher than the 15.92m recorded just a month ago.

Originally published as NSW EPA reveals massive size of flood clean-up

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