NSW Health deems Covid-19 risk “moderate to high” as cases spike

Covid-19 cases are rising in NSW, with community transmission now considered “moderate to high”.

NSW Health said in a post on X, formerly Twitter, that people should stay home if they had cold or flu symptoms.

Residents are also reminded to stay up to date with their Covid-19 vaccinations and maintain good hygiene, including using hand sanitiser and washing hands.

NSW Health publishes fortnightly reports, with the latest ending on November 4 showing there were a total of 4733 cases.

Other states are also reporting spikes in Covid infections.

Cases have been climbing in WA since September, driven by the Omicron XBB variant EG.5.

Even Premier Roger Cook fell ill with the virus recently.

There were 201 patients in hospital this week — up from 134 at the start of November.

Five patients were in intensive care and two deaths were recorded in the latest reporting period.

WA’s chief health officer Andy Robertson said he expected WA’s eighth wave to get bigger.

It comes after national chief medical officer Paul Kelly declared earlier this month that the country was experiencing its eighth wave, but indicated it was past the emergency phase.

Health officials have so far not indicated widespread restrictions will be reintroduced.

On Wednesday, Queensland’s chief health officer John Gerrard said while the pandemic was not over, the public health emergency was and he would not bring back “disproportionate” mask mandates.

“It is important that I do not overstate the risk … or this office will lose credibility,” Dr Gerrard said.

“We do have a wave, but these waves are getting milder.

“I am making no general recommendation about mask wearing in public, or in healthcare facilities; that would be disproportionate to the level of risk.”

Dr Gerrard added that if people wanted to wear masks in public, they should feel free to do so.

“They should not feel pressured or intimidated because they choose to wear a mask — that’s their right,” he said.

This week, two Adelaide hospitals made masks mandatory in clinical areas.

The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation recommends anyone aged over 65, or with significant health issues, get a booster shot every six months.

Originally published as NSW Health deems Covid-19 risk “moderate to high” as cases spike

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