OAN admits on the air that there has been no fraud to 2020 voters

OAN aired a 32nd segment on the air admitting that in 2020 there was no widespread election fraud as part of their deal with two Georgia election workers.


A couple of days before OAN aired the segment, presenter Dan Ball started his show by saying he had seen 2,000 mules and had no doubts that the election was rigged:

Newsmax, which has already had to settle a lawsuit related to false claims about the 2020 election, has refused to touch D’Souza’s filmmost likely because they don’t want to be sued again.

OAN seems to have nothing more to lose. They lost 90% of their audience and revenue after DirecTV downloaded them

DirectTV downloaded OAN on April 5th, hence the network has virtually no reach to the United States.

Most of the people OAN sings to about widespread election fraud in 2020 can no longer watch the network, but it’s important to get them to admit on the air that they sing.

Trump supporters who believe there has been election fraud will not be convinced by a pre-recorded segment on OAN, but accountability matters and OAN has been held accountable for their 2020 election lies.