Okada lawyers seek dismissal of case at DOJ

LAWYERS of Japanese casino mogul Kazuo Okada sought to dismiss the kidnapping and illegal detention case filed by Hajime Tokuda, the Japanese director of Tiger Resort Leisure and Entertainment Inc., the operator of Okada Manila.

In the preliminary investigation for the case filed at the Department of Justice, Kazuo’s lawyers insisted the cases filed by Tokuda should be dismissed for lack of factual and legal basis

“…that Tokuda, upon being served the Status Quo Ante Order (SQAO), immediately complied  and willingly surrendered his company ID and voluntarily agreeing to be taken home. A copy of CCTV footages showed Tokuda peacefully left the hotel’s premises and being escorted by security personnel and was to his residence,” the lawyers said.

The SQAO, issued by the Supreme Court, was the document used by Kazuo’s camp to take over management of the $3.3- billion integrated resort and casino in Entertainment City in Parañaque in late May.

“The affidavit further proves that Tokuda was never under duress. His personal phone was not taken from him and was not prevented by the security personnel that accompanied him from using the same,” Kazuo’s lawyers said.

On the charge of grave coercion, the lawyers argued that with the enforcement of the SQAO, the complainants were effectively stripped of their positions as officers or directors, “making them squatters and trespassers who had no business holding office in Okada Manila, much less inside the golden ballroom”.

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