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Manga went on hiatus on August 3

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The January issue of Akita Shoten‘s Princess magazine revealed on Monday that Chieko Hosokawa‘s Ōke no Monshō (Crest of the Royal Family) shōjo manga is returning in the manga’s next issue on December 6. The manga went on hiatus on August 3 earlier this year.

The original manga’s story centers around Carol, an archaeology student on a study trip in Egypt. When an excavation team unearths the tomb of an Egyptian pharaoh, she is cursed to go back in time 3,000 years to Ancient Egypt, where she meets the cruel and charismatic pharaoh, Memphis, and falls in love with him. Due to Carol’s knowledge of history, she is able to help Egypt prosper, and becomes praised as the Daughter of the Nile. But many are jealous of her position, or want to keep her for themselves, and she becomes embroiled in the plots and conspiracies of the ancient world.

Hosokawa launched the manga in Princess in 1976, and has been serializing the manga in the magazine ever since. Akita Shoten published the manga’s 69th volume on June 15. Toei Animation released an “illustrated story video” VHS of the manga in 1988, which includes music by Joe Hisaishi, voice acting, and limited animation. The manga inspired a stage musical adaptation in 2016.

Source: Princess January issue

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