“Only in America” ​​you have to worry about meeting “an alienated American mad at an AR-15” when you leave the house. [video] – twitchy.com

We’re big advocates of free speech around here, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t ask ourselves how the hell is it possible that someone like Joy Reid still has a major media platform when not contributing to public speech other than steaming … hot junk like this:

This is Alan Grayson’s level fear, folks. “Republicans want you to die.”

In a way, you are “literally rolling the dice every time you leave the house or drop your kids off at school” because there is a chance you could get hit by a drunk driver or trip and fall and faint and die. bled. Most people who are killed after leaving their home or leaving their children at school are not killed by an angry and alienated (and presumably white, because this is Joy Reid speaking here) American with an AR-15. .

Joy Reid is a textbook fear pornographer.

Not if he can’t blame the Republicans.

Either way, Joy’s small, bumpy screed is teeming with misinformation, but she won’t have to face any consequences. The only thing MSNBC will do to her is let her do it again and again.



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