Optical illusion reveals if you have a female or male brain

What you see first in this picture can help you decipher what kind of thought process you have.

This optical illusion can reveal if you have a female or male brain depending on what you see first.

The riveting image of the running man claims it can decipher what kind of thought process people have and what you see first may mean you struggle to multitask.

The simplistic picture shows a dark figure posied in a sprinting pose but do you see him running towards or away from you?

Our brains each decipher ambiguous images in different ways, due to the varying processes as they receive and process information.

In this case, it means some illusion enthusiasts may interpret the brain teaser as a man travelling away from you rather than towards you.

So what does it mean if you saw the runner approaching?

According to Fact Factories, this means you have a more male brain.

You try to solve your problems and pass life’s difficult obstacles using your spot-on analytical skills and good reason.

You learn very quickly once you become curious about something.

That’s when you focus all your energy on it until you come up with an idea of how to approach it.

But juggling numerous jobs at once is not your forte – you’re not a good multitasker, and you’d rather focus on one thing at a time.

The internet is blowing a collective gasket over a perplexing optical illusion that can purportedly can only be solved by one percent of people. The visual jigsaw was first shared in November by TikTok user @HecticNick, but is currently blowing up as TikTokers strain their eyes to visualise the solution.

Optical illusion eye test: Are you part of ‘one percent’ who can solve it?

Once you come up with an idea or you have a strong opinion about something, you are ready to back it up with convincing arguments because you’re sure of yourself, your great focus and attention skills.

So for those who saw the figure hightailing it away from you, it means you have a more female brain.

This suggests your analytical skills and reasoning are at their max.

You rely on your senses and reasoning and you don’t rush when making a decision.

Your brain is at its best when you immerse yourself in something creative or you’re creating something from scratch.

You’re a great multitasker, and you have an amazing memory. What you can always count on are your intuition and excellent senses.

Whatever your results, the concept of the extraordinary optical illusion runs much deeper than personality traits as it is on a myth-busting mission.

Experts have studied the differences between men’s and women’s brains for decades in a bid to stamp out gender stereotypes.

Established neuroscientist Daphna Joel launched a course dedicated to the hot topic in 2009 at Tel Aviv University.

Her groundbreaking research aimed to squash cliches that men are more competitive and women are better at communication.

But the debate still rages on with some scientists suggesting there is actually no use in classifying parts of the brain into feminine and masculine sides.

Others believe our actions are in fact determined by the makeup of our brain, which is then invigorated by our socialisation.

This story originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced here with permission.

Originally published as Optical illusion reveals if you have a female or male brain

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