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Orrin Hatch is dead. hey what 88

From the Orrin Hatch Foundation:

The Hatch Foundation sadly announces the death of Senator Orrin G. Hatch, president emeritus of the Hatch Foundation, former Pro Tempore president of the United States Senate and longest serving senator in Utah history (1977-2019). Senator Hatch passed away at 5:30 pm on Saturday, April 23, 2022 in Salt Lake City, Utah, surrounded by family.

Upon the senator’s death, the Hatch Foundation made the following statements:

“Senator Orrin G. Hatch personified the American dream”, said Matt Sandgren, Executive Director of Hatch Foundation. “Born the son of a carpenter and of plaster, he overcame the poverty of his youth to become a United States Senator. With the difficulties of his upbringing always fresh in his mind, he made his life’s mission to expand freedom and opportunities for others and the results speak for themselves. From taxes and trade to religious freedom and health care, few lawmakers have had a greater impact on American life than Orrin Hatch. He has had a profoundly positive influence on the lives of those he served, be it the components he helped over four decades of case work, the hundreds of interns he sponsored in both Utah and Washington, or the solid network of members. of Hatch staff who carry on his legacy to this day. Senator Hatch has touched the hearts of countless people and I know I speak for all of them when I say we will miss him very much. “

RIP, sir.



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