Persona 3 Reload Game’s Trailers Highlight Fūka, Mitsuru – News

Remake ships for console, PC on February 2

Atlus revealed a new character trailer introducing Fūka for its upcoming Persona 3 Reload game on Monday. The trailer highlights Fūka’s unique Persona, support skills, and social links.

Japanese Trailer

English trailer

Atlus also revealed a similar character trailer for Mitsuru last week.

Japanese Trailer

English trailer

Persona 3 Reload will launch for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via Windows and Steam on February 2. The game will be available for Xbox Game Pass at launch.

The new game will feature a revamped battle system from the original Persona 3 game. In addition, the game will feature “cutting-edge graphics and gameplay,” a remastered soundtrack, and enhanced audio featuring all-new English voice-over. The new English dub cast for the game includes:

Atlus describes the game:

Step into the shoes of a transfer student thrust into an unexpected fate and enter the hour “hidden” between one day and the next. Awaken an incredible power and chase the mysteries of Tartarus, fight for your friends, and leave a mark on their memories forever.

The game’s staff confirmed to IGN that the remake will feature content from the original release of Persona 3, and will not include content from Persona 3 FES and Persona 3 Portable, including the female protagonist.

Persona 3’s first release was for the PlayStation 2 in 2006. Persona 3 FES, an add-on disc, released in 2007. Persona 3 Portable released for the PlayStation Portable in 2009.

The game inspired a four-part anime film series that opened in 2013-2016.

Sources: Atlus‘ Japanese YouTube channel, Atlus West’s YouTube channel

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