Peter Dutton as a leader will be a disaster for the Liberal Party

The new opposition leader immediately put on some sheep’s clothing and hopes the disguise will be enough to convince the public.

(Image: Mitchell Squire / Private Media)

If Peter Dutton had been able to leave his male pattern baldness as it was, he would be in a much better position than he is now. The blurred circle of hair around the ears is not only the sign of middle age, it is also the sign of acceptance and contentment with the fate of life: with aging and no longer being the blade it once was.

But during the Coalition’s decade of rejection, they needed someone to play the tough man. Dutts proved to be that man, and the fact that his glittering godfather says “punk” helped cement that reputation of him.

A bald head sets you apart from the human herd, and it’s no exaggeration to say that he dignified Dutton for his job as an opposition leader (how good that sounds!) Almost before he started. Tanya Plibersek and others should stay away from insults. It is our job to say that the last time we saw Dutton he was coming out of John Hurt’s stomach in a spaceship (I think we have some movie of its preselection now).

Read more if Peter Dutton can change his stripes.

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