Phoebe Bridgers states that “everyone deserves” the kind of access to abortion she had

Phoebe Bridger joins a chorus of public figures in speaking in defense of abortion right.

On Tuesday afternoon, the singer-songwriter shared on social media that she had an abortion last fall, shortly after kicking her out. reunion tour in St Louis, Missouri.

“I went to planned parenting where they gave me the abortion pill,” Bridgers tweeted. “It was easy. Everyone deserves that kind of access.”

Bridgers also included a link to an article published on Tuesday of The Cut entitled: “Donate to an Abortion Fund Now”. The article includes links to various advocacy groups and reproductive health organizations in the United States ranked by the likelihood of their home state legislature banning abortions.

The four-time Grammy nominee shared her story one day after a leaked draft opinion showed the Supreme Court is ready to overturn roe deer v. Wade, the historic decision that expanded access to abortion nationwide.

After the publication of Politico the draft opinion On Monday night, he immediately sent shockwaves across the Internet. Democratic and Republican lawmakers too he answered to the relationship and in general I fell along the party lines regarding their views to protect or prohibit access to abortion.

Paul Mescal (left) and Phoebe Bridgers.

Taylor Hill via Getty Images

Bridgers, who is it currently dating Normal People actor Paul Mescal has long been an outspoken advocate for abortion rights. Last fall he presented a cover of Bo Burnham’s song “That funny feelingShortly after the governor of Texas. Greg Abbott signed a controversial law ban abortions in the Lone Star State after six weeks of pregnancy.

“This is for Greg Abbott,” her wrote on Instagram while announcing the release of the song. Proceeds from the sales of “That Funny Feeling” went to the Texas Abortion Funds, which serves people seeking abortion-related services across the state.