Phygital Wine NFT: wiva

WiV Technology’s “WIVA” is a blockchain-based solution for digital and physical collectors of rare wine goods. Wiv Technology believes its platform solves three major problems in the physical asset trading industry. These issues are those of transparency, ease of use and range of opportunities. When looking at a physical asset, it can be difficult to determine the object’s origin, its trading history, and many other metrics like this. With WIVA, the entire asset is transparent thanks to blockchain integration.

In terms of ease and opportunity, the fact that WiV technology offers a single location for physical asset trading solutions means that it is much easier for individuals in the community to collect, bid and trade digital twins of their physical items. . The digital twins are then tied to their physical counterparts, which means that the whole trading process is made more efficient, transparent and easier to use.

Image credit: WiV technology