pokémon go: JioCinema expands its offering with addition of 3,000+ hours of kids content

Viacom18‘s JioCinema has entered the kids entertainment market with a specialized ‘Kids and Family‘ offering that includes over 3000 hours of content from some of the most well-known franchises from around the world as well as the biggest Indian IPs.

Through the ‘Kids and Family’ offering, the platform will cater to young audiences across Tiny Tots, Kids, and Pre-teens and will also house content for the entire family to enjoy together.

Previously, Viacom18 had a dedicated streaming app for kids content named Voot Kids. However, Voot Kids, along with Voot and Voot Select, merged into JioCinema, which is now Viacom18’s all-encompassing de facto streaming app.

Viacom18 earlier had a dedicated streaming app for kids content called Voot Kids. However, Voot, Voot Select, and Voot Kids had folded into JioCinema, which is now the all-encompassing de facto streaming app of Viacom18.

The platform’s kids’ entertainment destination will comprise over 100 top-toon franchises, 300+ series, and movies spanning DIY, comedy, adventure, and action genres in more than five Indian languages.

JioCinema will add fresh content every week thanks to its strategic agreements with prominent local and global studios such as Cartoon Network Studios, Dreamworks, EOne, The Pokémon Company, and Animaccord, among others.Every account now includes a ‘Kids and Family’ profile, which grants children access to just age-appropriate information. Recognising the importance of screen time in children, the ‘Kids and Family’ profile is integrated with a one-of-a-kind ‘PIN’-based ‘Parental Control’ mechanism.With advanced algorithms and cutting-edge technology, the profile will allow parents to customize the content access based on their child’s life stage, giving them complete control.

On creating a wholesome entertainment ecosystem for kids and their families, a JioCinema spokesperson said, “At JioCinema, we are deeply committed to building a one-stop destination for all things entertainment. We are invested in understanding Indian audiences and their preferences, and we will continue to evolve as the preferred source for all their entertainment needs. Our newly added Kids and Family category will unlock access to millions of families across India and enrich family consumption. With the best content from India and around the world, available in multiple languages, we aim to be inclusive and an enabler of wider consumption with fewer barriers.”

Headlining the rollout of the kids and family slate is the enthralling Pokemania festival, marking an exciting chapter for fans of the beloved Japanese Pokémon franchise. As the exclusive home to over 1000 episodes and 21 movies, JioCinema will be celebrating the fervor surrounding the enchanting Pokemon with a brand-new season unveiled every Thursday, starting on November 16th with Season 12.

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