Portable media manufacturing tools: smpltrek

SONICWARE has announced the release of “SmplTrek”, a portable production sampler for creating multimedia content. SmplTrek allows you to easily sample and trim audio files on the go. This means that users can hear a sound while traveling, such as an ocean wave or a wind chime, and quickly record studio-quality audio. In addition, the device is equipped with dedicated buttons for rewind, override, save, play and many more.

In addition to sample recording, SmplTrek also boasts the ability to store numerous projects, tracks and scenes locally, as well as the ability to stream full audio files remotely from a PC or iMac device. SmplTrek has several input interface options to allow it to connect to microphones, cell phones, and other audio devices for professional-grade sampling and multimedia creation on the go.

Image Credit: SONICWARE, Yu Endo