Power Station E-Bikes : basalt e bike

Mokwheel, the innovative micro-mobility company most known for its unique e-bikes that go beyond simple transportation devices, announced the powerful Basalt e-bike. This is an electric mountain bike with a powerful 750w motor and a high-capacity 960 Wh battery to match. The bike has wide, grippy tires and a versatile suspension that make it perfect for both urban and off-road environments.

The most notable feature of the Basalt, though, is its power output capabilities. Mokwheel has once again gone beyond creating a traditional e-bike, as the Basalt doubles as an electric power supply. The 960 Wh battery can be outputted to external devices such as laptops or radios for camping and other off-grid situations. On top of this, the Basalt has a high 400 lb carrying capacity, meaning travelers can bring extra electronics or batteries with them for longer trips.

Image Credit: Mokwheel

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