Property is racist or something according to assistant professor at Boston University, in memory of George Floyd –

An assistant professor from Boston University threw a folding brain into the Twitter sphere in the name of George Floyd. Saida Grundy attempted to justify and rationalize any reaction to controversial incidents involving racial injustice.

Read it again. The message is that all is well when indignation is justified. Justified by whom? Wait, don’t think about it, watch the media, listen to activists and proceed with reckless abandon – the property has been declared racist!

Does the saying “two wrongs do not right” still hold true? Aside from any justifiable outrage, there are serious potential consequences for the destruction of property that extend far beyond any intended or “acceptable” purpose.

Perhaps Grundy needs to clarify exactly which properties are racist, assuming he is the accepted authority on such matters, of course.

The bigotry of soft expectations strikes again. People cannot be expected to react to alleged social injustice in a way that is not destructive. What can you really expect from people who hail George Floyd as some sort of hero?

Whether the destruction of assets and monuments of historical significance or demolished in the name of justice is justified. It is interesting to see new statues appear.

Can we get a clear decision from the prevailing authorities (activists with the strongest voices) as to whether these new properties are also racist or not?

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