Protesters showed up outside Brett Kavanaugh’s home and the internet lost its mind: Mother Jones

Jacquelyn Martin / AP

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According to many tweets in my feed these past few days, it sure looks like a lot of people can apologize for depriving people of their reproductive rights, but draw a hard line against complaints about noise.

Following politicLast week’s successful scoop of the Supreme Court’s draft decision to overturn roe deer v. veal, people took to the streets. Protests in favor of the choice sprang up across the country over the weekend, from Washington to Baltimore to Oakland. But what angered people most was that the protesters took their indignation straight to the source: the steps of the homes of Judge Brett Kavanaugh and Chief Judge John Roberts.

Footage from various news outlets shows that protesters, armed with homemade raincoats and placards with catchy, pro-choice slogans, gathered outside the judges’ house to exercise their freedom of speech and assembly. Although their anger and frustration were palpable, the protests were far from violent. Yet from the way some people have described the demonstrations outside Kavanaugh’s home, you would have sworn that the protesters ripped him and his family from their beds and executed them in the middle of the street. (Spoiler alert: They didn’t.)

In a 13 second clip of Daily signal news producer David Blair, you can see dozens of people standing outside Kavanaugh’s house. They are singing, “We will not go back,” presumably in a time before abortions were safe and accessible.

According to Blair, this was “one of the scariest things I’ve ever witnessed.”

“This is an attempted intimidation,” Blair said in an interview with Fox News, seemingly unaware of the decadeslong history of violence against abortion protests outside of clinics across America. “And I think it also says a lot that the Biden administration is willing to absolutely let these judges dry out. They won’t say, ‘It’s not acceptable for you to go to someone’s house and scream and scream.’ “

But Blair underestimated the power of milquetoast white liberalism. At 9 this morning, White House press secretary Jen Psaki tweeted the following in response to the rally:

Everyone, from the far right to the center-left, seems to be much more concerned about the perspective of the protests than about the systemic injustices people are protesting against. We have seen something eerily similar with the anti-racial justice protests in response to George Floyd’s death in 2020. Remember Tucker Carlson describing the Black Lives Matter protesters as a “mafia”, warning its viewers that the protesters “will come for them”? Or Eric Trump describing as “animals” at one of his father’s campaign gatherings? (And despite alone 3.7 percent of the protests containing violence or vandalism, various Democrats, including Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, came forward to condemn the violence during the demonstrations)

Demanding civilization in the face of systemic violence is playing in favor of the oppressors. If we spend all our time checking how people protest, then, conveniently, nothing will be done to attack the root of the problem. It is nothing more than an attempt to derail the public conversation about reproductive rights.

According to experts, if the courts overturn roe deer, people’s lives will be at risk. Abortions could be criminalized. The abortion providers could be from the South. Most importantly, people would be forced to carry out unwanted pregnancies. This is clearly a sacrifice that conservative Supreme Court judges are willing to make.

And if a Supreme Court judge who misses a few hours of sleep seems worse to you than people dying from the complications of an unwanted pregnancy, it’s time to reassess your priorities. And in Kavanaugh, Roberts, and any other judge in favor of removing people’s rights, if you can’t stand the heat, stay out of people’s wombs.