Redefining the spa and wellness experience

In the world of hospitality, the pursuit of providing an unforgettable guest experience has evolved. Guests and travelers are no longer looking for a one-time treatment but services that offer a holistic approach.

Anya Hospitality Group (AHG) heeds to guests’ needs by focusing on an expansive array of spa and wellness services and management solutions and redefining the concept of holistic well-being in the industry.

Niyama Wellness provides guests with a holistic approach to well-being.

Niyama Spa was launched in 2021 at Anya Resort in Tagaytay. However, the pandemic prompted a recalibration of services, leading to the birth of Niyama Wellness Center in 2022. The aim is to provide guests with a holistic approach to well-being that caters to the body, mind, and soul.

This transformation marked a shift from mere massages to holistic treatments, encapsulated within their five-pillar approach: the spa, integrative treatments, wellness retreats, wellness activities, and culinary offerings.

To detail, services no longer just focus on various massage therapies but also Biological Wellness Consultation, Bio Med Scan, Skin Health Analyzer, specialized IV Therapy, and other treatments and machines, and curated wellness retreats where they collaborate with wellness experts.

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The addition of wellness activities such as yoga and Tai chi provides guests with a complete spectrum of well-being options. The culinary facet includes Samira by Chele Gonzales and Anila Poolside Restaurant, offering healthy dining choices.

The Niyama Wellness Center is not just exclusive to in-house guests; it is open to walk-in guests as well, making it an accessible and inclusive destination for those seeking wellness and relaxation.

Niyama Wellness’s expansion extends beyond Tagaytay, with a second location, Ylang Ylang Spa by Niyama Wellness Center, at Club Punta Fuego.

Spa management and consultancy

The group’s forward-thinking approach doesn’t stop there, as they are setting their sights on wellness and spa management consultancy, a groundbreaking endeavor in the Philippines.

The Niyama Wellness by AHG team led by Corporate Wellness and Spa Director Carol Laguna (second from left)

The Niyama Wellness by AHG team led by Corporate Wellness and Spa Director Carol Laguna (second from left)

Now offering spa management and consultancy, the brand aims to be a key player in the creation of the Filipino wellness brand.

Now offering spa management and consultancy, the brand aims to be a key player in the creation of the Filipino wellness brand.

In an interview, Carol Laguna, Corporate Wellness and Spa Director of Niyama Wellness by AHG, told The Manila Times that AHG is the first company in the country to offer such services.

“We want to explore more on wellness and spa management consultancy because right now, we are the only company here in the Philippines that is offering that because mostly it’s all individuals that is offering spa consultancy. So AHG is the first company offering the spa and wellness consultancy,” Laguna said.

“Why? Because after what happened during the pandemic, consumers and travelers are very conscious on where to stay so they wanted to stay in a place where it has wellness packages because they’re now conscious of their health,” she added.

According to her, this shift in consumer preferences also aligns with the Department of Tourism’s (DoT) active efforts to create a Filipino brand for wellness.

“The DoT right now is pushing to strengthen the Philippines as one of the top health and wellness tourism destination in Asia. To achieve this goal, DoT is building a Filipino brand of wellness that brings together spa and wellness directors and owners to create a unique identity for Filipino wellness offerings,” she explained.

Niyama Wellness Center embodies this vision and aims to be a key player in the creation of a Filipino wellness brand. They seeks to expand its portfolio and offer its expertise to other operators and existing hotels, allowing them to enhance their guest experiences with additional wellness programs.

The consultancy services provided by AHG encompass a wide array of offerings, including competitive analysis, market research, financial projections, business planning, spa management, operational support, and more. This comprehensive approach is flexible, catering to the unique needs of each client, extending beyond spas, hotels and resorts to include residences and condominiums.

“We want to be known to other operators and other existing hotels because we want to explore in that area in enhancing the guest experience. If they wanted to have an additional wellness program, they can partner with us. Right now, we have consultancy, we do trainings in other places for their spas and they’re asking for our expertise,” Laguna shared.

“If they’re now existing but they wanted to enhance their wellness offerings, we can support their overall operation from their everyday bookings, reservations and even the training for additional skills of their therapists,” she continued.

As Laguna stated, the vision for Niyama Wellness and Anya Hospitality Group is clear: to become the top provider of wellness management in the Philippines.

Kim Rodiz

Kim Rodiz is a national journalist who wrote a lot of reports since 2014.

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