Rep. Liz Cheney Lost A Primary, But Republicans Lost Much More

Harriet Hageman has defeated Rep. Liz Cheney in the Wyoming House Republican primary.

Dave Wasserman tweeted:

The result was widely expected and not surprising. Trump and his allies were so desperate to defeat Cheney that they were caught using an illegal fundraising scheme to dump money into Wyoming to use against Cheney.

Cheney’s great crimes in the eyes of Trump were that she denounced him, supported impeachment, and worst of all agreed to serve on the 1/6 Committee ensuring that it would be bipartisan.

As Rep. Adam Kinzinger said earlier on Tuesday evening on MSNBC, “This is sending a very strong message that this isn’t your dad’s Republican Party anymore. This is not a party that’s committed to truth, it’s a party that’s committed to conspiracy.”

Trump and his supporters will rejoice, but what did they really win? Trump has kicked one of the few remaining federally elected Republicans who are willing to tell the truth out of the party.

Congratulations Republicans, you’ve taken another step on your path to cultdom. Liz Cheney will be fine. She will continue to fight to restore the Republican Party to being a sane conservative party guided by truth.

The party of Lincoln, Ike, Reagan, and even Bush is dead. The Republican Party has been rebranded with Trump.

Liz Cheney lost an election, but the Republican Party has lost itself.


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