Road models with artificial intelligence: road model

Leading smart dash cam vendor Nexar has teamed up with smart grid provider Veniam to go head first into developing a high-tech road model that uses futuristic AI and data science to create a digital twin in time. real streets.

Leveraging Veniam’s software APIs, Nexar bids for massive amounts of visual data from its smart dash cams. This will enable a real-time digital road can be generated, which can then be leveraged in various ways to increase safety, inform municipal transportation policies, and train and refine autonomous vehicles. Thanks to this partnership, Nexar dash cams will be able to make informed network decisions about data, enabling a reduction in data transfer costs

“Veniam’s capabilities are a perfect fit for Nexar and will help her realize her vision of seeing what’s on the road ahead,” said Eran Shir, Nexar co-founder and CEO.

Image credit: Veniam / Facebook