Rob Reiner’s Definition of ‘Democracy’ Again Called Into Question – Twitchy

By now everybody knows that when the Left uses the word “democracy,” they really mean “Democrats.”

We regret to inform you that Rob Reiner was back at it again with the “save democracy” rhetoric, even though it’s pretty ironic:

That’s just hilarious. Yep, you can’t have a real “democracy” unless there’s only one choice on the ballot!

Keep in mind though that many agree with Meathead.

Biden has a low approval rating, but there is some support there, and all of them must follow Reiner’s X account.

The economic weather remains fine inside the gated Malibu community bubble. Also we’re not very impressed with “democracy” under the president Reiner supports:


If that’s Biden-style “democracy,” no thanks.

Reiner would also agree that Trump is an “authoritarian,” all while cheering on the Biden Justice Department (and others’) efforts to throw the president’s leading opponent in prison. He’ll never recognize the irony or level of projection.


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