Roberts weeps for the Supreme Court, which is destroyed because you saw that opinion about the eggs six weeks in advance

Chief Justice John Roberts is a huge madman. How dare anyone violate the sacred body of the nation’s highest court by leaking a draft opinion that will force thousands of women and girls to carry out their rapists’ children! These are the private thoughts of judges about the inexistence of a constitutional right to privacy. Don’t be ashamed of these people!

“A leak of this stature is absolutely frightening,” Roberts told a conference of 11th Circuit lawyers and judges. CNN reported. “If the person behind it thinks it’s going to affect our work, he’s just plain foolish.”

And maybe he is right. It certainly appears that Republican appointees are about to wreak havoc on the civil liberties of women, blissfully indifferent to the effect it will have on half the population. They are certainly not affected by the anger that is fueling the 80% of Americans who, at least in some cases, support the right to abortion.

But the loss want influence women’s work.

Because they will have to leave their states to access abortion treatment. Or they miss educational and professional opportunities if they are forced to carry children they do not want and cannot take care of. Either they’re stuck in hospitals while doctors discuss whether they’re really sick enough to deserve an abortion, or whether they have to get much closer to death before the “life and health of the mother” exception comes into play. Or they are forced to endure non-viable fetuses at full term, only to see them die of pain. Or they can’t access IVF or common birth control methods like IUDs because ignorant pig lawmakers are ramming gobbledygook legislation without consulting anyone with a rudimentary understanding of female anatomy, much less a gynecologist.

It will affect my work, because on the morning of May 17 I will leave for Jewish Rally for Justice on Abortion in DC. Hope to see you there, everywhere there is. You see, they don’t share the position because anti-choice protesters tend to be damned conflicted about the people exercising their rights to speak, much less about health care. And thanks to the Supreme Court that a 35-foot buffer zone around abortion clinics violates the protesters’ right to free speech to yell “Baby killer!” to every woman who crosses the threshold, they have been able to get close and make personal contact when they do.

But sometimes the people in this crazy country, where it is legal to regulate wombs but not weapons, are more than confrontational. Sometimes they call bomb threats. Sometimes they blow up clinics. Sometimes they shoot doctors.

Do you know who doesn’t do these things? Team choice.

Yet when the Synagogue Sisterhood shows up in Washington, we’ll meet an eight-foot man, non-scalable barrier out of the Supreme Court, in case Dottie Finkelstein had any ideas. And that buffer zone is a lot more than 35 feet, because the judges deserve protection from the mob, unlike those whores trying to get a Planned Parenthood Pap smear.

Meanwhile, conservatives are linking up trying to turn the leaked opinion into a threat of violence against the court.

“The loss was terrible”, tweeted Rich Lowry conservative “mainstream”. “Probably worse was the reluctance of almost all Democrats to condemn a destructive act that could endanger the safety of the Supreme Court judges in order to distort their deliberations on a very sensitive legal matter.”

Lowry cannot explain exactly what this “destructive act” is destroying. Nor does it refer to credible threats to judges. Again, it is not our part that he has taken on 50 years of campaign of violence under the banner of “child protection”.

Presumably they mean that the leak damages the court’s legitimacy, because if it leaks just like every other organization in Washington, if it’s not a consecrated body of lawyers screaming balls and shots from inside an ivory tower, then we have to admit. which is a political body just like everyone else. And we have to admit that the damage it is about to inflict on American women’s bodies is a political act.


This is the culmination of a decade-long Republican project, and Mitch McConnell blew up the Senate for this very reason. The Supreme Court has become a tool for Republicans to exercise political power in ways they never could if they had to get the consent of the American people. Other That it is the real destruction of legitimacy.

The only effect of this leak of a document that would go public in six or eight weeks is to drive people crazy. first. We were all about to find out that Alito, Thomas, Kavanaugh, Gorsuch and Barrett were willing to knock out 50 years of history to make sure women were forced to give birth to unwanted children. The streets would always be filled with furious protesters. The leak simply deprives judges of the ability to drop this bomb in June or July and then get it out of town. They have to sit here for the remainder of their term and face the anger of the people who have to live with the consequences of this decision. And it sucks to be ashamed and noticed by most Americans who don’t support this decision and think you’re an illegitimate body made up of partisan hacks.

But not how bad it sucks to be forced to carry a baby you don’t want.

stay crazy November is coming.

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