Rural police investigate the theft of four bison

Rural crime investigators have come across a “very rare” case in which four unique animals may have been stolen.

The Rural Crime Prevention Team (RCPT) is investigating a “very rare” case in southwestern NSW in which four bison have gone missing.

The weaned bison steers disappeared from a Tumut property in the Riverina between April 20 and 26 with no explanation, with authorities “firmly considering” that they may have been stolen.

Searches of nearby properties have yielded no sightings, creating “more suspicion” for investigators.

RCPT’s Southwest Area Coordinator, Detective Sergeant Damian Nott, said the bison was unlikely to have wandered off on its own, with police believing they are likely locked up somewhere.

“The bison’s unique appearance is unmistakable, and due to the very low number of bison in Australia, we are of the opinion that the bison would have already been reported if they escaped their home property and were wandering,” he said.

But he warned the public not to get distracted if they spotted the rare beasts, saying they can be dangerous.

“While bison is an extraordinary animal in appearance, it should be known that bison can move as fast as a horse (around 60km / h), are agile, and can be extremely aggressive and unpredictable,” said Sergeant Nott.

Authorities say that in the unlikely event that the bison is seen in the wild, it should be reported immediately to the police, local land services or local council.

Anyone who has seen them or has information is encouraged to contact the Rural Crime Prevention Team, Wagga Wagga on 6922 2561 or 04 3809 7426.

Originally published as Police investigate a “very rare” case in southwestern NSW

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