Sandy Hook’s mother recounts the courage of her son who “saved the lives of his classmates” before being killed

Scarlett Lewis, whose son Jesse was murdered in one of the worst mass shootings in US history, revisited her “torturous” tragedy 10 years later by revealing how her six-year-old died from a hero while saving the life of. nine of his classmates.

It comes after Salvador Ramos broke into the classroom at Uvalde’s Robb Elementary School on Tuesday morning and fired multiple shots from two AR-style rifles he had legally purchased a few days after he turned 18.

The Texas gunman barricaded himself inside a fourth-grade classroom before opening fire and killing 19 children and two teachers, law enforcement revealed.

Ramos was later shot and killed by officers who eventually made their way into the classroom.

Scarlett Lewis is the founder of Choose Love Movement, an initiative created in the wake of her son’s tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December 2012.

Ms Lewis said she lived through the “tortuous hours” experienced by the parents of Uvalde victims.

“I was having the experience right with all of those parents as they waited to know if their baby would be found dead or alive – those hours, those torturous hours,” he told Sky News Australia host Piers Morgan.

“My first thought this morning was how they would wake up, and forget for a split second, and then this crushing blow would come upon them: their baby was dead.”

The mother, turned activist, then recounted the events that led to the death of her son during the Sandy Hook elementary school massacre.

“When the killer made his way through the glass doors of Sandy Hook Elementary School, he took a left down the first grade corridor – he obviously knew where he was because he went to that school,” he said.

“The principal and guidance counselor met with a parent, started, opened the door to see what it was, were shot and killed and then the killer was turned into the classroom. Jesse’s first grade.

“Everyone was missing, his gun actually ran out of bullets at the time, and during the brief delay it took him to change his clip, Jesse called his classmates to escape.

“He is credited with saving nine lives of his classmates before losing his – no child should ever be asked to do that in school.”

Ms Lewis said it is “our responsibility” to look after the welfare of the children and it is time to start making them a priority.

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