Schumer warns Republicans that he is about to get real about abortion rights

Senate Majority Leader Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has warned Republicans that abortion rights are about to come true in the Senate.

Schumer video:

Majority leader Schumer said on the steps of the Supreme Court:

The blame for this decision falls entirely on Senate Republicans, who have spent years pushing extremist judges and judges claiming that this day would never come.

it has. So, in light of this potential ruling, I want to clarify three things. First, it is our intention for the Senate to hold a vote on legislation to codify the right to abortion into law. Secondly, a vote on this legislation is no longer an abstract exercise. This is very urgent and real. We will vote to protect a woman’s right of choice and every American will see which side of every senator stands.

Third, I tell the American people this, the November elections will have consequences because the rights of 100 million women are now in a ballot. To help combat this terrible court decision, I urge all Americans to make their voices heard this week and this year. Collier members. Write to them. Call your senators, email them, text them, and most importantly, vote your ballots this November.

Unless a couple of Senate Democrats get a clue and support a filibuster they carve out to codify Roe, the Democrats will hold these votes and get every senator to file.

The whole dynamic of midterm 2022 has changed. Women and men who support the choice are now motivated to vote. The right to abortion will be the number one motivating issue for voters in this election.

Senate Republicans better face it because abortion rights are about to become real.