Screen Queen Kathryn Bernardo meets up with the ‘Legends’

There are things that are great apart that we believe will be legendary together!

Screen Queen Kathryn Bernardo definitely knows  an epic collaboration and she is more than delighted to let us meet them as well none other than the legends Cheese and Bacon!

Kathryn Bernardo KFC Cheezy Bacon

The irresistible, cheezified and baconized version of your favorite KFC snacks is back! KFC Cheezy Bacon Fest will be available starting May 3, 2022

It’s truly a tempting fest with the following: 

Cheezy Bacon Bucket of Fries: Crispy Fries drizzled with thick cheese sauce then topped with chicken bacon bits. All your favorites loaded in a mini bucket!

Cheezy Bacon Famous Bowl: KFC Famous bowl just got more famous–with mashed potato, covered in cheese sauce then topped with chicken bacon bits.

Cheezy Bacon Twister: KFC Shots, with mushroom, chicken bacon bits, slathered with mayo and cheese sauce. All these treats wrapped in tortilla bread.

And of course, Cheezy Bacon Zinger: the signature Zinger fillet drenched in cheese sauce with chicken bacon bits and mayonnaise, sandwiched between soft seeded buns.

Kathryn Bernardo KFC Cheezy Bacon

Feast on your favorite cheezified and baconized KFC snacks while they are still here! Dial 88-87-8888, visit or download the mobile app on Google Play: or App Store:

Kathryn Bernardo KFC Cheezy Bacon



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