Senate Democrats Advance Climate and Tax Deal

“The Senate advanced a climate and tax package past a procedural hurdle in the narrowly divided chamber, as Democrats unified around elements of President Biden’s agenda that have languished on Capitol Hill for more than a year,” the Wall Street Journal reports,

“With the vote, which was approved 51-50 thanks to a tiebreaking vote by Vice President Kamala Harris, lawmakers could soon begin an hourslong amendment battle.”

“The package could receive a final vote in the 50-50 Senate as soon as Sunday morning before heading to the House, where it is scheduled to receive a vote on Friday.”

New York Times: “The action suggested that Democrats, after more than a year of internal feuding and painstaking negotiation, had finally coalesced behind legislation that would provide hundreds of billions of dollars for climate and energy programs, extend Affordable Care Act subsidies and create a new federal initiative to reduce the cost of prescription drugs, particularly for older Americans.”

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