Senator Rand Paul’s thread explains objection to another $ 40 billion in aid to Ukraine (Schumer and McConnell are NOT happy) –

On Thursday, the US Senate allegedly voted on a $ 40 billion aid package for Ukraine, but Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky objected and Senator Schumer and McConnell were said to have been unhappy with Paul’s request for control:

And if Chuck Schumer says something is “unreasonable”, it probably isn’t.

Following Paul’s objection, the vote will be delayed:

Apparently Schumer and McConnell were both upset, which means it took Senator Rand Paul to finally help deliver on Biden’s promise of “unity” temporarily. Here’s how it works:

Senator Paul took to Twitter to explain his actions in this thread:

Of course, many in the Senate found it an offensive request. After all, it isn’t their money.

Paolo continued:

The “priorities” we’ve seen on display by government officials over the past few days and weeks are truly disturbing.

Really strange days.



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